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Brandon T Mayes school visit at Valley Creek Elementary in McKinney, TX.

There is nothing more exciting and inspiring than an author visit!  Having a published author come visit will create excitement around reading and writing.  Brandon T Mayes’s presentation is a multimedia slideshow show with lots of student participation.  During a full day visit,  Brandon T Mayes will make up to four 30-45 minute presentations that are age appropriate, with the older kids getting more in depth information about the writing and editing process. Brandon T Mayes will also host small group readings and writing workshops.  


What Brandon T Mayes will do!

  • Full-body Interactive presentation on story structure

  • focus on the importance of reading, writing, and storytelling

  • talk about the creative process

  • answer questions from students and teachers

Brandon T Mayes school visit at Miami-Yoder Elementary in Rush, CO.

Supplies Needed

  • LOW AV cart w/ 3 plug-ins + ext. cord

  • Projector

  • Large screen (to show my power point)

  • 1 display table (3’ x 6’ at least)

  • Cordless microphone

  • Water to drink

  • A copy book to display


The success of the visit rests on how well the students are prepared. Familiarity with the book and author generate excitement and invite student participation during a presentation.  Involve the teachers by encouraging them to use the book in the classroom. Classroom teacher attendance during each presentation is mandatory, as it insures effective follow-up discussions and activities as well as proper student behavior.  Please do not schedule presentations during "specials."   Reading and writing are seldom part of the PE, Art, and Music curriculum.  Also, it has been my experience that the kids are better behaved when their regular classroom teachers are nearby, modeling good behavior (not talking and grading papers!)


Most schools order books so that students can buy them and have them autographed during the visit. A book order form will be available upon request, if you wish to purchase from the publisher. You could also purchase your books from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  I will be happy to sign any books during break times. Please have a slip of paper or post-it note in each book with the name to be inscribed printed legibly. Unfortunately, I cannot autograph slips of paper, t-shirts, hands.


 One Presentation: $350

Half Day: $550

Up to 2 presentations, and/or workshops/readings

 Full Day: $790

Up to 4 presentations, and/or workshops/readings

  • If more than 80 miles away from McKinney, TX, travel and accommodations will be added.

 Full Day For Out-Of-State: $995.

  • Travel and accommodations needed.

Skype: $50

30 Minute Question and Answer session with author

Not sure if your school has the funds available for an author visit? Check out these amazing fundraising ideas suggested by author Laura Purdie Salas.

Ideas for Raising Funds for a School Visit

Finding money from an outside source is great, but if your teachers, parents, and students are involved, they will be more invested in the author visit itself!

  • Hold a book sale. Most publishers give schools a substantial discount (around 40%), which allows you to fund a visit by selling the author’s books.

  • Go to your families. Divide the visit cost by your number of families minus 10%. If the visit is $1,000 and you have 700 students, divide 1000 by 630. You get 1.59. Create a “permission slip” and ask each student to pay $1.60 (because you don’t want all those pennies!).

  • Sell a small reading/writing-related novelty item, like bracelets, to your students (try a company like

  • Sell an extra treat in the cafeteria for 3 days only.

  • Ask the PTO/PTA to run a raffle. Solicit an excellent donation from a major retailer and sell raffle tickets. Announce the winner on the author visit day!

  • Ask parents who travel frequently to donate a flight or hotel stay.

Students love to see adults look foolish! If your teachers are willing…

  • Rent a dunking booth and have kids pay $1 for a chance to hit the sweet spot and send their favorite(!) teacher into the water.

  • Hold a coin drive. Each teacher chooses a prize to motivate the kids. The teacher of the top fundraising class delivers! Teachers have shaved their heads, sung songs onstage at lunch, and dressed up like book characters.

Hold a staff vs. kids challenge–and charge admission–anything from volleyball to trivia. Handicap the grown-ups to give kids a good chance of winning. Talk up the event, and hold it at night so that parents will come, too! Sell snacks.


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Past Visits

Rountree Elementary School- Allen, TX- December 14th, 2018

Webb Elementary School- McKinney, TX- November 13th, 2018

Valley Creek Elementary School- McKinney, TX- October 12th, 2018

Miami-Yoder Elementary School- Rush, CO- October 2nd, 2018

Kids R Kids Preschool- McKinney, TX- September 25th, 2018

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